Auto Accidents in Maine

Injuries received in motor vehicle accidents can have catastrophic consequences.  Serious injuries can be disabling, affecting not only the injured person but family members as well. Even relatively minor injuries, which necessitate lost time from work, and medical care, can have a great impact on a family.  In Maine, the injured person and his/her family may be entitled to compensation for injuries incurred in automobile, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents.  Compensation (i.e. "damages") include:

The Maine Supreme Court has held that an injured person and his/her family are entitled to separate sums for each of those damages.

If the accident was caused by the other driver, the injured person is entitled to receive money to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  If the other drier has insufficient insurance, or is not insured at all, the victim is entitled to compensation from his/her own insurance company under its uninsured/underinsured provisions.  Furthermore, in many situations there are other policies of insurance (policies of other family members, employers, etc.) that may provide benefits to the injured person.

Even if the injured person was partially at fault, the law may permit a partial recovery.  The comparative fault doctrine in Maine permits compensation to an injured person who is less than 50% at fault in a motor vehicle accident.

Additionally, the injured person's family members may also be entitled to compensation, depending on the severity of the accident, and their dependence on the injured person.

To protect yourself and your family, you must know your legal rights.

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